Hong Kong expired

I will be in Hong Kong soon. A good opportunity to continue and maybe end with my expired film series I first started in 2010. I am not good at making series and as for now, I consider it to be the most achieved and coherent work I've done yet. I can't wait to do film again, I've missed so much shooting without any idea of what the result will be like, that's the magic of films and even more old films. I love it.

"Fog in Causeway Bay"
"Tin Lok Lane"
"Causeway Bay"

Korea set #3 - the place of no shadow

What happens when the people lose their own shadows? 
There are things you miss when you look at them with your own eyes. 

Gangnam, Seoul

Fake-real money

Buy coins, win coins. What for? It doesn't make sense.
Dontonburi, Osaka
Dontonburi, Osaka

Full framed

I've always been a great fan of Alex Webb. As I talked with an other photographer about him, we agreed to say he is a master when it comes to use the whole frame from corners to the center. Life is everywhere. Until now, from some of the well or unknown photographers I know, he might be his work that I would keep in mind in most of the photos I take. I am not sure he is the best story teller like photo-journalists. But some of his photos are not only outstanding by the situations but also with the highest level of  skills and capabilities to fill the frame in a perfect way. As if he asked everyone to act exactly on each of their positions.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

This photo has been taken last week as I was on a business trip in Saigon. It is interesting since I have heard no Vietnamese use Ho Chi Minh since the past four years I have been travelling in Vietnam. I am still working on my project of making a series about Vietnam, but I might take a decade before I can see this project be finally complete.

"To jump off the stage at Kiyomizu"

Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto

 "To jump off the stage at Kiyomizu"

"The main hall of Kiyomizu-dera is notable for its vast veranda, supported by hundreds of pillars, which juts out over the hillside and offers impressive views of the Kyoto city. The expression "to jump off the stage at Kiyomizu" (「清水の舞台から飛び降りる」) is the Japanese equivalent of the English expression "to take the plunge". This refers to an Edo period tradition that held that, if one were to survive jumping from the stage, one's wish would be granted.

This appears plausible: the lush vegetation below the platform might cushion the fall of a lucky pilgrim, though the practice is now prohibited. 234 jumps were recorded in Edo period and of those, 85.4 percent survived. The fall is indeed only 13 metres, which remains impressive for a wooden construction." gojapango.com

Korea set #2 - road to coast

After landing in Seoul, we went in the south first in the Namwon, near the Jirisan mountains. The people of Jeolla province are known to live a simple life, far away from the fuzziness of the city. It is said that Jeolla people are jealous of Gyeongsang province since most of the recent presidents came from this province and so they didn't have the chance to see their province developing as this another flourishing province. Maybe for the best since they own very unique landscapes and beautiful mountains. 

 Goheum, Korea
 Goheum, Korea 

 Namwon, Korea
 Namwon, Korea 
 Busan, Korea